Library and Archives

Thanks to the exchanges of our journal “Atti della Società dei Naturalisti e Matematici di Modena” with the publications of other national and international institutions, our Society has received volumes, reviews and works which regard all the branches of Natural History and now make up the Library of the Society. The rich heritage of its library, accumulated over the years, is available to the members and citizens who wish to consult it. It offers a valuable tool for study and research by completing the cultural contribution from the other public libraries of the town of Modena.

The premises of the Library of our Society host also the Archives, which collect material from 1865 to date. There are numerous old letters, a photographic album with portraits of Italian and foreign members, dating from the 1866-1890 period, and documents concerning the various aspects of the Society’s life: assembly meetings, elections and meetings of the Board of Directors, presentation of papers published in our journal, administrative problems, requests and allocations of financial contributions etc.

Library address:
Via A. Vivaldi, 70
41125 Modena MO

Prof. Gilberto Coppi

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